If you’re anything like me, you see something you want to change/improve/update in your home every single day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed—and it can get expensive. Luckily, there are things you can do to polish your place that don’t take much time or money. At Visual Jill, we believe in making the most of the smallest details. Here are 5 of our best easy and cheap decorating ideas.

The fruit bowl

Cost breakdown: Bowl: $0-$25; bag of lemons: $5

You probably have a pretty bowl or basket buried in a cabinet somewhere. Take it out, dust it off, and dump in some fruit. Colorful fruit makes any container look glamorous.

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Our favorites are lemons or green apples, but by all means use what you will eat! If you want to buy a new bowl, here are two  inexpensive ones:

Skars Bowls from CB2, $8.95-$24.95

skars-bowlsFinkornig Bowl, Ikea, $14.99

finkoring bowl

Cheap Art

Cost breakdown: Art: $0-$15; frame: $3.99-$15

I’m not talking about original paintings here. It’s amazing how framing something can turn it into artwork that can adorn your walls. Some ideas:

  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Wrapping paper (Paper Source has an amazing selection)
  • Fabulous wallpaper sample
  • Pages from art books or beautiful calendars
  • And, of course, your kid’s pictures!
Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Frames don’t have to cost a fortune either. Take a trip to Ikea for a good selection of sizes and styles. These colorful Nyttja frames are a bargain for kid’s artwork–only $3.99 each!



Cost breakdown: $6.99-$29.99

A simple tray can make any arrangement (or pile of random stuff) look organized and polished. We use them all the time when we stage homes.

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

On the lookout for a tray to corral your makeup or spare change? Try one of these fun options.

Barbar tray, Ikea, $6.99

barbar ikea tray

Hi-gloss Swoon Tray, CB2, $29.95

CB2 tray


Cost breakdown: Plant: $12.99, Pot: $16.99

Granted, this is not an original idea, but it is one that many people overlook. A nice big houseplant can absolutely wake up a room. (Real plants, please!)

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Look no farther than your local home improvement store or even Ikea for affordable plants and pots.

Fiddle-leaf fig, Ikea, $12.99

Ikea fiddle fig

Kalasa pot, Ikea, $16.99

ikea kalasa potEntryway Rug

Cost breakdown: $24-$34.95

You know that saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Well, we take that statement pretty seriously. Updating your entryway rug or doormat will welcome your guests in style.

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Styled by Visual Jill

Here are some pretty, and pretty inexpensive, entry rug ideas:

Pembetatu Cotton Dhurrie, CB2, $34.95 for 2’x3′ size

pembetatu rug

Emmie Rug, Ikea, $24.00 for 2’7″ x 4’11”

Emmie Rug

That’s it . . . our five top ways to add small changes to your home on a small budget. What are your favorite ways to update your place?

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