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The hottest new kids on the block are a design collective in LA called “Commune”. Their style is equal parts mid-century vintage, bohemian artist, and minimalist zen. We took one look at their spread in House Beautiful, and thought, “that looks an awful lot like the eclectic style we see all over town…”. It reminded me of my best friend’s hippie parents Berkeley house circa 1978, complete with layered kilims, potted ferns, burlwood tables, and Eames chairs. Commune may be new, but Berkeley’s been cultivating this look for years! So here’s a little inspiration/interpretation of Visual Jill doing “Berkeley Eclectic”, a la Commune.

*Credits: Kyoko Jackson – Photography

3 thoughts on “Berkeley Eclectic

  1. Is the Berkeley hippie house you refer to here the house I grew up in, by any chance? Whether or not it’s the one you had in mind, you have to tell my mom her style has hit the big time. She always says she’s ahead of the curve. 🙂

    I continue to love this blog. Total eye candy and the prose is fabulous as well!

  2. Thanks for reading! Small spaces are indeed a challenge–if you visit our website (, we have a small space project in our portfolio. We’ll see about doing a feature here on small spaces, so keep checking in…!

  3. Love love love what you ladies are doing. Every week this is making my Wednesday so much tastier. Thank you!
    Have you thought about helping those of us with *very* small multi-function urbanite living spaces with some ideas? Perhaps something to be visited in a future Wednesday…

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