This is our inspiration board. We love it. It motivates us, excites us, gives us ideas, reminds us of what we love. It tells us stories, keeps memories, and helps us to see the future. It is an ever-changing constant in our office, growing, shrinking, being reinvented, serving as the thread that ties it all together. It’s our one love this week, but really, it’s our true love all the time.

*Credits: Kyoko Jackson – Photography

2 thoughts on “One Love: Inspiration

  1. Hi Karin!
    We usually group our inspirations by theme, be it a color, design style, or trend. Sometimes it’s all the same article, and other times it’s picked from here and there. Then we just pin them all up on the board with push pins! And sometimes if we’re feeling fancy we bust out the labeling machine and make little tags 🙂
    Thanks for reading!

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