When Jill started this business, she was working from her home office. And when Lauren, Honorah and I (Lauran) joined the business almost 2 years ago, we continued to work in Jill’s home office. It was very nice, but we all dreamed of when we could move into “real” office space. We visualized high ceilings, large windows, lots of light . . . and lo and behold, our dreams have come true!

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Here’s Jill and Lauren, hard at work! We are part of a cool “collective” of creative women who share this airy space — painter/author Mati Rose McDonough, web designer Lillie Dignan of the Bright Studio, writer/producer¬†Kathryn Gilmore, textile designer Julia Gamble of Ceylon, and Evaluation Coach/Consultant Jennifer Curry Villeneuve. This studio is bursting with energy and creativity and we are overjoyed to be a part of it.

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