Here at Visual Jill, we call our decorating style “comfortable modern”. We thought we’d elaborate on the elements that we believe are important in creating a “comfortable modern” room.

Neutral backgrounds: White and/or Light Gray


We like to use white or a pale gray walls as the backdrop to the room. To keep the space from feeling cold, we add colors and textures that make it feel more cozy and approachable.

Wood for warmth

41 DR 2

Bringing some wood into your room will immediately make it feel more warm and less sterile. You can do it via a piece of furniture, like this dining room table, through architectural details such as beams or trim, or even just through accessories and artifacts. A few wooden bowls, a vase of branches, or a mirror with a raw wood frame will all work to bring “wood warmth” to your room.

Bright-colored accents

41 LR2

West bedroom

As you can see in these photos, you can bring in a bold color with an accent wall or upholstered chairs. If you’d rather keep the walls and furniture more neutral, try a fun patterned rug, great pop pillows, artwork, and throws to add the color that makes the room feel fresh, instead of sterile.

Modern in-the-mix

LR copy

arlington entry

We believe that exclusively modern rooms, from the walls to the furniture to the accessories, run the risk of feeling stark and unwelcoming. We play with mixing different types of furniture within a room, and/or bringing modern into traditional older homes, to make the space interesting and friendly. In the photos above, we mixed current modern pieces and mid-century modern classics within a century-old home filled with traditional woodwork. Try placing  an overstuffed upholstered chair or a rustic wood coffee table next to a sleek modern sofa to make your room feel fresh and comfortable.

Bold artwork

Neill DR2 smaller

 Artwork by AMiguel

25th BR

Bright colorful paintings or photos can be a focal point for a room, or placed strategically to give a room an extra kick. Remember to mix in other textures and colors to keep your room from looking like an art gallery! Unless, of course, that is the look you’re going for.

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