Here at Visual Jill, we love our color accent walls. Orange? Oh yeah. Blue? Always. And green? You know it. But there is really something to be said about pure white walls, especially when they are offset by beautiful wood floors — or ceilings!


This is our most recent project — decorating a spectacular brand new house in Berkeley. By having white and wood as our backdrop, we were able to combine many fun colors throughout the home.


Check out the folding glass doors that truly bring the outside in!





We were lucky to be able to feature original acrylic and mixed media paintings by artist Kristen Jensen — her bold patterns and colors were perfect for the space.


A large upstairs landing can serve as a lounge, play area or office.


The bedrooms feature the same modern, simple and clean feeling as the rest of the house.

We absolutely love this house! Kudos to architect Matt Baran and developer Caleb Inman.

All photos courtesy of LucidPic Photography.

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