Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying in a spectacular vacation rental home in Geyserville. The Gustafson Family Vineyards, high on a hill off of Dry Creek Road, includes an estate home custom built for the owner. It is surrounded by 30-mile panoramic views, and feels so luxurious that my friends and I didn’t mind that it rained all weekend.

gustafson house

This home is the perfect blend of my three favorite styles.  It has clean lines (modern), lots of wood and stone in different tones and finishes (rustic), and steel and unfinished elements (industrial).

gustafson roof

The bedroom ceilings are a good example of the mix—light finished wood, darker raw wood beams, simple modern unadorned windows, and an air vent made out of an industrial part.


The downstairs hallway features troweled cement walls on one side, and floor to ceiling windows on the other.


The floors are polished concrete, and the floating staircase is made of stone, with an industrial bannister.




The three photos above show the clever use of wood, steel beams, stone, and concrete around the house, and how it all can work together for a great overall effect.


There are ample outdoor spaces to enjoy at the house as well.


The living room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling industrial feeling windows that show off the vineyards and vista beyond. I highly recommend this stunning home for your next weekend getaway.

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