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One lucky 12-year-old named Aidan recently got to work with our senior designer Lauren to revamp his entire bedroom. The result? A sophisticated, modern space that is more befitting a soon-to-be-teen.

Aiden after 1

Aidan’s previous decor—light blue walls, a bunk bed, and a white Ikea storage unit—worked well for him during elementary school.

Aiden before 2

Aiden before 4

But Aidan was ready for something new. “He had just outgrown his current space,” says Lauren.

Lauren’s first goal for the design was to make sure it fit Aidan’s specific needs and interests. “This kid is a mini-genius and an architect of some sort in the making,” Lauren explained. He loves to build models and complicated Lego creations, and he also has a massive Hot Wheels collection. Aidan’s parents’ goals were pretty simple:  “to just make sure his room looked tidy, modern, and was functional for all of Aidan’s interests, using long-lasting furniture that will grow with him.” Lauren’s solution was to make one designated area for model making and a separate designated area for homework.

Aiden after 2

Here we see Aidan’s model-making table and bookshelves from Room and Board. His Hot Wheels collection is displayed on the walls, while his other models and creations have plenty of room to live comfortably on the shelves.

Aiden after 3

His homework space is over in a “quieter” corner of the room, featuring a desk and file cabinet from CB2 and a cool chair from All Modern.

The color palette may be a bit unusual, but it works for the room, especially because it receives lots of natural light. “Black is modern and masculine,” explains Lauren. “And I knew his maple furniture and colorful collections would really pop against the black.” The medium gray on the coved ceiling accentuates this architectural detail.

Aiden after 4

Aidan’s new upholstered storage bed from Room and Board gives him more room to stash his stuff, as does the tall dresser. A few of his model airplanes are fun decor for the room.

Lauren especially enjoyed styling the room after all the furniture had been delivered. ” One day while Aidan was at school, I came in and sorted through all of his collections (Hot Wheels, Lego models—airplanes, cars, buildings, ships & people, and Papertoy Monsters),” says Lauren.  “I organized the Hot Wheels by labels, then by TV series and Movies on the floor, measured the distances around his desk, and hung them on the black wall.”

Aiden collections before

The Hot Wheels organization in progress!

Aidan and his parents are thrilled with the end result. As Aidan puts it, “My old bedroom was such a clutter of random ‘nik-naks’ and furniture that didn’t match. I love my two new chairs, my new hobby workbench, and overall I just love my beautiful new bedroom so, so, so very much!”

Now that’s the kind of customer feedback we love so, so, so very much!

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