We just finished staging a renovated Oakland home. Unlike many of the homes we stage and decorate, every single room in this house has white walls. Because the agent selling the home is a “color minimalist”, there was not a single green, blue or yellow accent wall to be seen. Our challenge was to bring in color through accessories, artwork, and even some furniture. Here’s what we did.

Montell LR-Mel O.-©

The beautiful painting by Amiguel set the orange and blue color scheme for the living room.

montell DR-Mel O.-©

Because the living room with its orange and blue highlights flows directly into the dining space, we chose to stick to neutrals with our table, chairs, rug and artwork in this room.

Montell FR-Mel O.-©

But in the downstairs family room, it’s all about the turquoise on the Ikea sofa trim and CB2 rug. Hits of yellow also brighten the space.

Montell office-Mel O.-©

We had fun with multiple colors in the office, inspired by the variation in the vibrant original diptych by artist Mel.O. Note how the solid pillow and white desk keeps the room from being too frenetic.

Montell master-Mel O.-©

We chose to use a simple white duvet in the master bedroom so we could feature the orange, blue and orchid colors in the rest of the room.

IMG_9086-Mel O.-©

The cooler tones of green and blue in the guest room furnishings are also well-represented in the mixed-media piece by Amiguel.

The great thing about neutral walls (white and light gray are our favorites) is that you can completely alter the feeling of the room with a simple change of the rug or bedding.

All photography by Mel O.



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