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Yes, I know it’s waaaaay too early to start talking about Holiday decorating. Yes, I know Halloween is still over three weeks away! But I need to share some good stuff I just saw at Ikea. Their Vinter 2015 collection is cute, it’s inexpensive, and it just might sell out . . . so grab what you love now and then just sock it away for a couple of months.

Ikea reindeer mat

First off, greet your guests with this modern silver reindeer mat, just $6.99.

Ikea copper cone lights

Hang a string or two of these coppery lights over your doorway ($2.99 for lights and $4 for the decorative cups).

Ikea standing stars

Ikea holiday stars

There are several variations of the Strala lights—standing or hanging, in copper or white ($12.99-$24.99).

Ikea hanging stars

These Strala paper lanterns cast a gorgeous light pattern, and also are available as a standing table lamp ($9.99-$12.99). Last year I centered one on my mantle and I loved the glow it brought to the room.

Ikea mantle light

This cute snowscape lighted scene is just the right size for a mantle or dining table centerpiece ($19.99). All of the decorative lighting shown above can be found here.

Ikea twine

ikea gift bags

Ikea also offers some great wrapping basics—like this colorful twine for $4.99 and these cute gift bags ($4.99 for two).

The entire Vinter 2015 collection is on display in Ikea now. Go check it out (and just think how happy you’ll be when you pull it all out in two months)!

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