When you walk in LeKube on College Avenue, the first thing that hits you is all the color. Then you notice all the shapes and textures.



Bold paintings by Mark Petersen

 Le Kube is described as “a home design store with a unique collection of French modern and American mid-century vintage pieces to enhance any home decor”. The owner, Romain Saide, is a French designer and entrepreneur who recently relocated from Paris to San Francisco. The studio is also home to furniture design team Sobu, who sell their handmade teak furniture and artwork there.



LeKube Studio represents a collective of European designers specializing in unique interior furnishings and one-of-a-kind home items, inspired by mixing dramatic focal pieces with simple lines and bold colors, and combining vintage items with French contemporary designs.

Pillows . . . vases . . . tables . . . paintings . . . furniture . . . you’ll find it all here!


This Vertigo lamp by Constance Guisset is a standout piece. A smaller version of it is available at  MOMA store in New York.

The next time you’re in Rockridge, stop by Le Kube, say hi to Romain, and look around at the wonderful wares. It’s a treat for design lovers. 5451 College Avenue, Oakland

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