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First off, let me say I hate the word “trend”, because no one wants to think of themselves as “trendy” or unoriginal, right? But in decor, as in fashion, food, and almost everything, there are certain styles or items that become popular and widespread. You can call them “fads” or “all the rage” or “the latest thing”, but after reading enough blogs and magazines and Pinterest posts you’re bound to see what they are.

So we’ve collected some trends that represent what’s popular for 2015. And fear not, you can confidently use these trends in your home and still be true to your own authenticity. As an example, some of the photos below show how Jill has incorporated them in her own home.

Ceramics. Organic, hand thrown and unusual ceramic pieces are everywhere.

justina blakeney ceramics

Above are a few great examples pulled together by my new favorite blogger, Justina Blakeney, on her blog The Jungalow.

ceramic focus

Jill chose a hand crafted ceramic vase found at the Alameda Flea Market for the center of her dining room table.

Nature-inspired. Plants, shells, wood sculptures . . . anything you find outside is having a big decor moment inside too.

wood boards

This tableau from Covet Garden Magazine, via SFGirlbyBay, showcases this trend beautifully—the well-used wood bread boards, the straw basket, and of course the vegetables.

bathroom shelf

Here’s Jill’s own tribute to nature, styled on the shelf in her master bathroom.

Soft colors. We’re seeing softer colors, even pastels, being used in sophisticated ways.

pink wall

This pink is a soothing backdrop for a gallery wall. From Danielle de Lange via Flickr.

computer wall

This feature wall in Jill’s house used to be a bright green, but she recently repainted it a soft blue. The sculpture is made by local artist Stevens Strauss.

Texture. This is more of a continuing trend. We’re still seeing faux furs, chunky knits, baskets, and jute; what’s new is that rattan and wicker are back!


Check out these rattan chairs in Portrait Haarlem , via Petite Passport. (Notice the texture everywhere, as well!)

LR chair

Jill recently added this round woven chair to her living room (found at The Gardener in Berkeley). The little blue pillow was made by Jill’s mother-in-law, Joan Parsons.

Mixing patterns. Once popular only with boho decorators, more and more people are trying different patterns all over their house—on rugs, pillows and walls.


A great place to find pattern is a fun Oakland store called Neighbor, which offers eclectic textiles, furniture and accessories crafted from all over the world.

bedroom lo

In Jill’s bedroom, she combines exotic patterned Balinese art with a more traditional plaid on her bed (and don’t overlook the lumbar pillow made from a Pareo!).

texture, baskets

And no one mixes pattern better than Justina Blakeney, who shared photos of her colorful office on her blog. In fact, she’s showing several of the trends here!

The last trend we’re seeing, which is directly related to mixing patterns, is the use of cement or encaustic tile, which is handcrafted in a multi-step process.

tile 1

Just feast your eyes on this beautiful bathroom tile, via lilreddotfolks.

pophamdesign copy

Popham Designs makes some of the most beautiful cement tiles out there.

Are there any words that incapsulate all these trends? Maybe organic . . . imperfect . . . nature-inspired . . . craftmanship . . . unpolished. What do you think?

All photos of Jill’s house by Peter Lyons



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