We recently worked with a couple who were putting their house on the market. Following advice from their wise real estate agent and their own good design instincts, they made several key changes that transformed the house from “dark 1960s”  to “bright mid-century”.

Eastwood LR2

Eastwood LR1

Hard to believe this light and bright living room once looked like this:

LR before

The key differences here?

1. Covering the outdated flagstone fireplace and hearth with plaster and concrete.

2. Lots of white paint.

3. Replacing wall-to-wall carpets with gleaming light hardwood floors.

These investments in the home completely altered this room. The owners also painted the ceiling beams white, calling attention to the beautiful pitched roofline.

Eastwood LR to DR

The Dining Room also benefitted from a fresh coat of pale gray paint and the same hardwood floors — plus a new classic Nelson bubble pendant!

Eastwood DR

The house already had a gourmet kitchen, but a few touches (refinishing the floor and the butcher block counters) made a big difference.

Eastwood kitchen

Light and bright paint colors freshened up the bedrooms too. We chose Breath of Fresh Air (Benjamin Moore’s 2014 color of the year) for the kid’s room . . .

Eastwood kids

… and Pale Sea Mist for the office.

Eastwood office

In the master bedroom, the couple had struggled to find the right paint color, as evidenced by the paint patches in this “before” photo.

master before

We chose Van Alen Green for the accent wall, White Dove for the other walls, and removed the heavy window coverings to shed more light into this spacious room.

Eastwood master1 Eastwood master2

The homeowners had recently landscaped the multi-tiered backyard to create different zones for dining, play and relaxing. A good power wash, new plants and mulch, and bright pillows were the finishing touches it needed to really shine.

Eastwood backyard

Needless to say, this house (which is now on the market) has received a ton of interest and the owners are expecting multiple offers.

Love how this house looks? You don’t have to wait until selling to lighten up your space! The changes the owners made—painting walls in white and other light colors, adding/refinishing wood floors in a lighter finish—have lasting value. Why not enjoy them while you live in your home?

Photography by Peter Lyons

Interested in this home? Contact Deidre Joyner.

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