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Decorating projects often extend over a period of time. People make decisions gradually, changing their minds along the way, trying out new ideas before acting on them. But when clients don’t have the luxury of time, it’s all about clear planning, clever sourcing, and quick decision-making. Such was the case with a recent project. Our clients, a family of four, had purchased a new home and needed it completely furnished from scratch—quickly. We met them in early December, and they moved in last week (the first week of February).

Oh, and did I mention that all the layouts and sourcing happened over the holidays? It required a true team effort from all of us at Visual Jill, along with our clients, to make it happen.

Here’s what the living room looked like when we first saw it. Not horrible, but not exciting either.

LR before

We put together a space layout, then selected the best furniture for the room, budget and timeline.


LivingroomLayoutAnd this is how the room came together (styling was not complete at this point, hence the empty shelves).



The Dining Room presented us with a blank slate, as well.

DR before




The teenage daughter told us she loved lavender, so we took her room from this:

daughters room before

To this . . .

Mindy's Bedroom Design Proposal_Dimensions

Mindy's Bedroom Design Proposal2



Here’s the “before” for the master bedroom . . .

master before

And our recommendations . . .

Master Bedroom Design Proposal2

And the results . .



Luckily this family was up for some color. We had some fun in their family room/gameroom, as you can see here.

Family Room Design Proposal_Dimensions

Family Room Design Proposal2


The clients wanted us to incorporate the sofa and coffee table they already had. Obviously a few pieces are missing (the game table), but it’s pretty close to done.

The lesson here: there are three “must-do’s” for furnishing and decorating a whole house in less than two months:

1. Careful planning. More than ever, we had to measure well, and carefully determine the best size for rugs and furniture. We experimented with different layouts to land on the best set-up for the space. While these are important steps for any decorating project, it is even more critical to be accurate when you don’t have a lot of time for revisions and re-thinking.

2. Clever sourcing. Our goal was to find items that were in stock and affordable. We didn’t have the luxury of falling in love with a piece and waiting 6-8 weeks for it to arrive. It was especially challenging to find artwork that enhanced the space without spending a fortune. We made great use of, minted, West Elm, and Society 6 for accessible artwork that looks and feels custom.

3. Quick decision-making. As usual, we created Pinterest boards for each room. Our clients were great about posting their comments right away, so we knew which items to move forward with quickly.

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  1. Hi Jill, beautiful work and great tips! Do you mind sharing your source for the taupe sectional and blue chairs shown in the living room? Love love your style!

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