Jill and David’s new modern Berkeley bungalow!

We are proud to debut Jill’s completely renovated modern home. After almost a year of construction, Jill and her husband David are happily settled into their new space and enjoying living the “comfortable modern lifestyle” that we always talk about!

The home combines the living and dining rooms and kitchen into one open concept space.

McCoy living room

McCoy living room

A layout like this requires a cohesive color scheme. Jill chose pops of green and orange against a neutral background of white, gray and wood.

The sun pours in from the window wall and bathes the rooms in light.

McCoy window wall

The elements that make this space so special are bold artwork, bright colors, warm wood, and personal artifacts and mementos. Jill incorporated into her own home all the things that we suggest to our clients.

McCoy dining room

McCoy kitchen

The french doors open wide from the living room onto the deck (complete with hot tub)!

McCoy exterior conv. area

It was important to Jill for the house to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The natural extension of the deck and patio make the house seem much larger than it is.

McCoy outside

The side of the home shows how new cedar was skillfully added to the wood siding that was original to the 1920s bungalow.

McCoy wood paneling

The front of the bungalow was largely untouched (except new cedar columns and a bright citron door!).

McCoy home front

Oftentimes the modern houses we see in magazines are so large and expensive that it’s hard to imagine real people living in them. Jill’s house is a great example of how modern design can be incorporated in a modest home, on a reasonable budget, and in a urban neighborhood.

“This was a huge, wonderful team effort,” Jill says. “Thank you to everyone who lent their expertise to this project. We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.”