Flexible furniture: modern puzzle pieces

Posted by Lauran

This week Jill and Lauren visited the Arkitektura showroom in San Francisco, and were struck by the many examples of flexible, modular furniture pieces.

mod 2

These pieces blur the lines between tables and seating, and sofas and lounges.

mod 4

The large flat ottoman shown here can be used alone as a table, or it can be tucked under the smaller metal table to offer different levels and textures. And the sectional itself is completely flexible—the pieces can be taken apart and put back together to form just the right configuration for each use or space.

mod 5

Here again, a smaller ottoman is partnered with a round glass table. The ottoman can be pulled up to the table as extra seating, or moved closer to the sofa for a footrest (and the two together just look cool!). Note also the different levels of side tables next to the sectional.

mod 1

Another example of the ottoman/table combo, with a small, moveable and useful side table perfect for holding a snack or a laptop!

Most of the items shown here are from European designers, but I’ve noticed this trend of multi-functional furniture from US retailers as well.


The new SAIC Deep Dish Table from CB2 also comes with two cushions that fit under the table. It’s a coffee table, extra seating, and a stand-alone casual dining set all in one!


Lovesac offers what they call “sactionals”, made up of base pieces and side pieces that can be combined into hundreds of different configurations. Not only are they flexible, but convenient—easy to move up stairs or around tight corners, and they require no tools to assemble!

We like this trend of furniture that can change as your life changes, or even as your week changes! What do you think?